Many Amazon Sellers Sell Outdated Goods as New

Many Amazon Sellers Sell Outdated Counterfeit or Refurbished Goods as New

Amazon Sellers Sell Outdated Goods

Amazon has a long history of having sellers on their platform which sell outdated goods. Many products are old which the expiration date is almost past or the items are refurbished and being sold as new. Many times you can even find recalled items being sold on Amazon as well. And these can pose a huge safety risk to your family.

Some popular name brand items are cheap counterfeit knock-offs from countries like China, which is not made as well the brand name item it tries to copy.

Sometime the counterfeit items look so good it's really hard to tell them apart.

Amazon Is Now Making Sellers Post their Personal Information

To combat all these bogus sellers on their platform, Amazon is now making all sellers list their personal information. So brands who's products are being sold without permission, or being counterfeited can now have easier recourse to take action against these sellers.

In Europe Amazon sellers have had to post their personal information. But until recently this was not a requirement in the USA, which is one of Amazon's largest marketplace for these type of shady sellers.

Don't Always Believe Amazon Reviews

These same sellers who try to unload old inventory as new or sell knockoffs as the real deal will often post fake reviews on the Amazon platform as well.

They hire people to post fake reviews on their products thereby fooling potential customers into thinking they are a great vendor to buy from. So you can't always trust what you read based on the reviews posted on Amazon.

Why Does Amazon Not Kick Off Dishonest Sellers

Amazon makes a percentage of every item sold on their site. So if a seller is earning them a lot of money, they have no financial incentive to kick the seller from their store.

Only when a Brand or Government agency complains then they will remove these sellers from their platform. Unfortunately this leaves Amazon customers with the feeling of walking though a minefield because it's not often easy to spot these bad sellers until they have become a victim of a sale gone wrong.

Safer Places to Buy Electronic Products Than Amazon

Purchasing items from NewEgg or Best Buy are both safer places to buy electronic items than from 3rd party sellers on Amazon. You can be sure you will receive the latest model and not returned or refurbished items sold as new.

Reviews also tend to be more accurate on these websites as well. So you know you are getting real user reviews, versus planted reviews by less than stellar sellers which are widespread on Amazon.

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