AIRY TV Private Roku Channel

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Airy TV Roku Channel

Airy TV is a free entertainment channel available to install and watch on Roku

About Airy TV

Airy TV has tons of free movies, sports, reality shows, anime and more. Unlike other Roku Channels that only curate channels, Airy TV actively looks for content made to fit what YOU want to watch.

"With Airy TV you don't always have to mindlessly put something in the background or browse for hours looking for something to watch, we've got it and if we don't we'll work hard to get it."

This is FREE TV: So no subscriptions, logins or credit cards are ever needed. While the are free there are ads but they are minimal.

Here are some of the shows and channels available on Airy TV:

  • True Crime: Unsolved Mysteries
  • Forensic Files
  • The New Detectives
  • Reality TV: TLC, VH1 Network, Court TV
  • Comedy: Comedy Central, Stand Up Comedy, America's Funniest Home Videos
  • Cartoons: Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Teen TitansSports: Tennis, Rugby, Golf, WWE
  • Planet documentaries, Animal Cops, Nightwatch, Hell's Kitchen, Jimmy Kimmel, Extreme Couponing, Pawn Shop, Novelas and a lot more!

How to Add the Airy TV Roku Channel

Since the Airy TV channel is a private channel you need to add it by code. To learn how to add private Roku Channels by code, click here.

The Roku private channel code for Airy TV is: XDTHQLV

Add Airy TV to your Roku and enjoy more great Free TV!

Click here to watch Airy TV online from your Web Browser

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