COVID-19 Logging on Android and iPhone Devices

A New COVID-19 Exposure Tracking Tool Showed Up on Android and iPhone Devices


A new way of logging COVID19 cases has quietly shown up on iPhone and Android devices. Not much has been reported yet about this new feature, but we'll show you how to use it.

With COVID19 cases again spiraling out control, tech companies are trying to help where they can. A new setting has been added to iPhones and Android Phones that makes it easier to perform contact tracing.

It can help tracking and logging and CORONA-19 Virus positives and notify via the if they were in close proximity. But the app must first must be downloaded and be enabled in the phones settings menu.

Here's How to Enable COVID-19 Exposure Logging on iPhones

For this to work, the phone must be on iOS Version 13.5.1 or later.

Visit the App Store and enter: Apple COVID-19 and then download the app to your device.

1. On the iPhone access Settings
2. Tap the Privacy menu
3. Then tap Health

At the top is the settings to turn on the Apple COVID-19 exposure logging feature that will notify you if you came in contact with anyone that has been diagnosed with COVID19.

Bluetooth must also be enabled and turned on. This allows iPhones to change random IDs with other phones.

These random IDs collected and stored in a special exposure log only for 14 days. If you allow the app to notify you it will send you an alert anytime you many have been exposed to COVID-19.

COVID-19 positive individuals can also share their iPhone's random IDs through the authorized app. And let others know this anonymously.

Android COVID-19 Logging Instructions

The app works similar to the iPhone. But it will need to be downloaded from a supporting government. To enable it turn on Bluetooth and Location settings on your Android phone.

To activate the app, tap on “settings,” google, and then “settings” once again.