YouTube TV Best Alternatives

Canceling YouTube TV? Here are the Best Streaming and Live Alternatives for Less Per Month

Best YouTube TV Live TV alternatives

YouTube TV was pretty awesome when it cost $35/month. But now that the price has shot up to $65/mo it's not the bargain it once was. So if you are looking for lower cost options. You are not alone.

These are the best alternative streaming sites we found that will still provide plenty of entertainment, some live TV channels and the local news, weather and sports many cord cutters crave.

OPTION ONE: Philo, Antenna and Tablo DVR

Philo for Live TV

Philo is a pretty sweet deal as far as live streaming services go. Unlike YouTube TV which has raised their price significantly over the last two years. Philo has kept the price at a sweet $20/month.

Even though Philo only carries entertainment channels and you won't find any Sports or major News channels like CNN or Fox. For the channels they offer you can't beat the price.

Here is a Guide to all the cable TV channels on Philo

Antenna and Tablo DVR for Networks and Locals

An Antenna and a Tablo will cost some money upfront but if you check eBay you can usually find some pretty sweet deals.

An Antennas Direct 4Max Antenna which normally sells for over a hundred dollars and has a great range can sometimes be found for $64 brand new!

A Tablo costs a little more up front. But the ability to record Live TV channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and FOX for free from an antenna will pay for itself over and over every month.

There is no need to pay for an expensive live TV subscription month after month to access most of the best live TV channels.

OPTION TWO: Hulu, Philo, CBS ALL Access and CW App

  • Hulu (costs $6/mo with ads or $12 for ad-free). And they have next-day on-demand content from ABC, NBC, Fox, Freeform, and FX
  • Philo (cost $20/mo) for 60 non-sports or news live cable TV channels. Their cloud DVR comes with unlimited storage but any recordings are deleted after 30 days.
  • CBS All Access ($6 with ads or $10 ad-free). Receive live streams from local CBS affiliates, and a huge amount of content on demand.
  • The CW and PBS both have free apps and channels for Roku, Apple TV, Android or Fire TV which offers ton's of on-demand programming.

OPTION THREE: HDHomeRun, Antenna, Channels DVR and Sling TV

An HDHomeRun can record live TV from an antenna to a PC or Mac over your Home Network. The Channels DVR costs $8/month and works on Apple TV, or Android media streamers.

For other live Channels Sling TV costs as little as $30/month with no DVR. This would still offer a nice mix of Live TV channels and include some major news channels. At over half the cost of YouTube TV once the antenna and HDHomeRun has been paid for it could result in a significant annual savings year after year.