Battery Hacks To Save Your Expensive Electronic Devices

Battery Hacks To Save Your Expensive Electronic Devices

Battery Hacks

Has this ever happened to you? When changing the batteries on a favorite electronic device, corrosive battery acid has leaked out making a mess. And it ruined your favorite electronic device. These battery hacks can help prevent this from ever happening again.

Now more than ever, many pricy electronic gadgets use batteries. And while alkaline batteries are rather inexpensive when bought in bulk. They also have a dark side. If left neglected over a period of time, they tend to corrode and can ruin expensive electronics when their battery acid leaks out.

Battery Hack 1 - Use High Quality Alkaline Batteries

Not all batteries are built the same. Even though batteries are better and last longer, they still tend to leak over time. But some batteries offer more protection against corrosion and leaking than others.

These are the alkaline battery brands you should always buy to protect expensive electronic gadgets.

Battery Hack 2 - Use Long Life Lithium Batteries

  • Lithium Batteries - These batteries will absolutely never leak like Alkaline batteries. But if you have an expensive electronic device they can be priceless. Lithium batteries also last much longer and work better at colder temperatures. The downside is they cost more.

Battery Hack 3 - Change your Batteries Annually

While this may seem like a no brainer solution, it's also the hardest. Because we get super busy with all of life's distractions remembering to replace all our batteries once a year seems is always the last thing on our minds.

An easy way to remember is to use a reminder app on your phone or tablet that will set off an alarm. This can remind you when it's time to replace all the batteries.

If you are old school, you can always write it down on your paper calendar. If you pick a date at the end of the year it will help you remember this is something you need to do before the New Year rolls around again.

How to Clean A Device From Battery Corrosion

It's disappointing to say the least. When you go to change the batteries and find a white corrosive substance leaked from your batteries, all over your favorite expensive electronic device.

The good news is, it can often be cleaned. But you must clean off ALL this residue or it will continue to corrode the terminals and even electronic components if it gets onto the circuit board.

1. First, remove the defective batteries. (Wear gloves and safety glasses)
2. Swab the terminals and battery holder with vinegar or lemon juice. Q-Tips work well for this.
3. Finally, clean the battery terminals again with Isopropyl Alcohol and a soft cloth.

Money Saving Tip - Buy Batteries in Bulk

If you use a certain type of battery that is common across multiple electronic devices, buying batteries in bulk can save big bucks. One place we like to find great deals on bulk batteries is eBay.

Be sure to filter by Alkaline or Lithium batteries that have a long expiration date.

- Click Here to Search Bulk Alkaline Batteries on eBay

- Click Here to Search Bulk Lithium Batteries on eBay

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