MyBundle TV Tool to Find The Best Live Channels

Looking for the Best TV Channels? Check Out This Handy Tool

With TV channel bundles changing often, streaming TV is becoming a lot more complicated. So when we find a handy tool or site that offers to make it easier we are only too happy to pass it along.

MyBundle TV AI Tool Does the Heavy Lifting

Spending what seems like hours browsing website after website trying to find the best deal on the channels you need is not the most fun thing you could be doing with your time.

The MyBundle TV website hopes to take some of the work out of this boring task. They have a cool little widget that will show you which streaming service can bring you the channels and content you want for the lowest price.

To get started, you will need to visit their website at: and press the green get started button.

How to Use The MyBundle TV Tool

mybundle tv tool

Once you've pressed the green button their tool will guide you through a series of questions. It's kind of like taking an online quiz. Once you have answered and made the choices of the channels you simply can't live without. It will bring up the streaming packages which contain the channels you picked for the best price.

It even compares prices based on the results, so you can see which streaming services currently offer the best deals.

One question even asks which media streamer you are currently using. A Smart TV, Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV were all there. We were a little disappointed they did not list the Nvidia SHIELD. Another popular media streamer that should have been included.

streaming TV quiz

After all 8 questions have been answered, including which type of content you are into it will go on to ask you to add an email address where you can always find the results. They don't check, so a fake address will work here if you don't need to be on another list.

Finally, on the last screen you get to pick out any popular channels you can't live without. Then the TV tool does it's AI magic sorting through different channel bundle combos to give you your very own customized results.

The Final Verdict

Channel Bundle AI Tool

For our example, we chose two channels we could not live without Hallmark and ID and it offered us Philo as the lowest cost option that we could use to watch these channels.

While it's not perfect and if you would rather pour over a spreadsheet to see every channel offered by each various streaming TV services. Then be sure and check this TV channels comparison sheet out.

But if you would rather find your TV channel providers a quick and easy way, MyBundle TV has just the tool for you. So be sure and give it a try.

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