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Pluto TV Channels Guide

The Best Free App You Don't Want to Miss is Pluto TV

There are many free apps that compete for your attention but Pluto TV has most all of them beat. Because Pluto offers a ton of top content from channels like CNN, CBS News, Science TV, Kids TV, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Classic Movies, Fox Sports and many more. And it's easy to see why Pluto TV continues to rank ahead of the pack when it comes to one of the top watched Free streaming TV channels.

Pluto TV Is Adding 10 New Channels Including Comedy Central Roast & TV Land Drama!

Aug 13-CMT Cheer 24/7
Aug 20-Comedy Central Roast
Aug 27-Wild ’N Out
Aug 27-Ridiculousness
Aug 27-The Challenge
Aug 27-Cribs
Aug 27-Are You The One?
Aug 30-TV Land Sitcoms
Aug 30-TV Land Dramas

If you are on a tight budget and can no longer afford Netflix, Hulu, or many other paid streaming channels. Because these really end up becoming quite expensive when you keep paying month after month. So be sure to give Pluto TV a try. And you'll instantly see how cool watching this Free streaming TV channel really is.

Pluto TV It's Almost Like Watching Cable TV for Free

One of the best things about the Pluto TV channel is their really cool built-in TV guide which makes it look very much like a cable TV service. The grid guide has been very nicely done. And it shows exactly what's playing on each of their 100+ individual TV channels.

Watch Pluto TV on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android or From a PC

There are Free Pluto Apps for pretty much any streaming TV device available. And if you don't own a streaming device, than watch it from a browser on a PC.

Watch Pluto right from this Streaming TV Web app on your computer. And don't miss the hundred fifty additional Free streaming channels that can be watched from the second page.

New Channel Lineup Effective July 1, 2019
Pluto TV Channels Guide - BINGE WATCH Channels
Pluto TV New TV Channels
River Monsters (301)
MTV Guy Code (314)
MTV The Hills (317)
Mysteries (334)
Forensic Files (338)
The New Detectives (342)
Cold|Case|Files (346)
DOG (353)
Hells Kitchen (356)
WPT (361)
Antiques Roadshow (367)
Doctor Who (370)
Midsomer Murders (375)
Wipeout (381)
MST3K (385)

Pluto TV Channels Guide - NEWS Channels
Pluto TV News Channels
Top Stories - newsy (268)
Today's Top Story (225)
News 24/7 (227)
CBSN (236)
NBC News (232)
CNN (244)
Cheddar News(266)
NewsmaxTV (270)
Law and Crime (289)
RT America (279)
TyT Network (272)
Sky News (277)
Bloomberg TV (262)
Weather Nation (258)

Pluto TV Channels Guide - SPORTS Channels
Pluto TV Sports Channels
Pluto TV Sports (455)
Fox Sports (461)
Major League Soccer (481)
Combat GO (517)
Stadium (491)
Surf Channel (495)
IMPACT! Wrestling (515)
Glory Kickboxing (513)
Totally Sports (519)
Big Sky Conference (530)

Pluto TV Channels Guide - MOVIE Channels
Pluto TV movie Channels
TV Spotlight (52)
Pluto TV Movies (82)
Pluto TV Movies 2 (84)
Action Movies (58)
TV Comedy (60)
TV Romance (62)
TV Drama (64)
TV Thrillers (72)
TV Documentaries (77)
TV Indies (79)
80's Rewind (88)
TV Cult Films (92)
Flicks of Fury (94)
Horror 24/7 (68)
CMT Westerns (84)
Movie Channel (82)
Classic Movies (86)
Black Cinema (74)
Gravitas Movies (98)
The Asylum (96)

Pluto TV Channels Guide - COMEDY Channels
Pluto-TV Comedy
C Pluto TV (411)
Funny AF (423)
TV Sitcoms (420)
C Stand-up (415)
Stand-Up (426)
CATS 24/7 (430)
The Pet Collective (434)
FailArmy (441)
Internet GOLD (439)
The Onion (443)
Cracked (445)

Pluto TV Channels Guide - TECH & GEEK Channels
Pluto TV Geek and Gaming Channels
The Feed (669)
The Hive (673)
Anime All Day (680)
MinecrafTV (696)
IGN (688)
c|net (684)
Geek & Sundry (690)
Science TV (665)
4K TV (676)
Nerdist (688)
ConTV (692)
NASA TV (694)

Pluto TV Channels Guide - ENTERTAINMENT Channels
Pluto TV Entertainment Channels
Christmas in July (110)
PlutoTV (111)
British TV (175)
Classic TV (177)
MTV Dating (114)
MTV Teen (118)
WHAT?! (122)
BET (126)
Spike (130)
Spike Outdoors (134)
TV Animals (143)
Crime Network (146)
DocuTV (151)
Nosey (156)
Complex (163)
Awesomness TV (169)
Buzzer (164)
SHOUT! TV (188)
Classic Toons (192)

Pluto TV Channels Guide - LIFESTYLE Channels
Pluto TV Lifestyle Channels
PeopleTV (647)
revry (649)
TV Her (619)
TV Her Dramas (622)
Faith TV (633)
FrontDoor (614)
Wedding (619)
Food (611)
Lego (625)

Pluto TV Channels Guide - EXPLORE Channels
Pluto TV Explore Channels
Voyager Documentaries (579)
NatureVision TV (582)
TV Biography (567)
TV History (565)
TV Military (569)
TV Conspiracy (571)
TV Travel (573)
Adventure (577)
Chassy (585)
Slow tv (597)

Pluto TV Channels Guide - KIDS Channels
Pluto TV KIDS Channels
Dora (708)
nick (711)
nick jr (712)
Totally Turtles (719)
TV Family (723)
kidsTV (729)
After School Cartoons (733)
Animie All Ages (737)

Pluto TV Channels Guide - LATINO Channels
Pluto TV KIDS Channels
TV Peliculas (760)
TV Family (723)
TV CINE Latino (764)
TV Investiga (772)
TV Novelas (782)
Telamovielas Classics (782)
MTV Latino (768)
Comedy Central Latino (790)
TV Brasil (792)
Combate World (796)
AAA (798)

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