What's Playing Now On Roku?

What's Playing Now On Roku?

Now on Roku

Here's how to find the latest channels now playing on Roku!

When Roku removed a popular Just Added Section from their channel store and website. It upset quite a few Roku fans who would check this section often to see the newest channels.

This caused an empty hole in the hearts of many that would use this category to discover new channels.

Why Was the Just Added Section Removed?

While we never received an official answer why Roku chose to remove this popular category. We suspect it was in an effort to curb channel spam.

Roku has many new channels added every week. Unfortunately, some bad actors have figured out how to game the Roku platform by uploading many new channels which all contain the same content. And only changing titles and descriptions. This would ensure their content kept showing up in the Roku Just Added Section as new channels.

Many users would be curious and watch these new channels. Each time a channel's video was accessed that contained ads the channel developer made a little more money.

So if we have anyone to thank for this category being shut down. It's the new channel spammers who kept uploading the same tired content over and over again.

Roku New And Notable Section Still There

There is still one other category in the Roku Channel Store and on their Website, which shows new channels. But it does not show every new channel. And this makes it more difficult to find the newest channels unless one happens to stumble upon it or hear about in this Roku News and Player Support Page.

One Door Closes And Another Door Opens

While Roku had their reason for removing this category, the Internet is a wonderful place, because often when door is slammed shut, another door is opened.

And that is exactly what happened when in response to the Just Added Section going away, a few pretty cool new website popped up.

The website "Now On Roku" offers Daily Updates on new channels added to Roku.

It offers a nice Pinterest type layout of channel icons which lists newer channels. It also offers a place where channel developers can upload new channels to be posted on their site.

Visit Now On Roku

While many new channels won't rock your world. Many of these Roku Channels Rock!