Walmart to Offer Their Own Version of Amazon Prime Day this June

Walmart Plans to Offer Great Deals to Compete with Amazon on Prime Day

Walmart Deals!

For years Amazon has had Prime Day all to themselves. But not for much longer. Walmart and other retailers are using this event to offer customer savings of their own.

Amazon Prime day is the big Black Friday sales event halfway through the year and at the start of summer. This year, Amazon won't be able to hog the limelight all to themselves. Because Walmart who recently has been upping their game by offering lower prices, is going to have their own Prime Day event which will last even longer than Amazon's.

This is a great time to score some grad or back to school gifts or treat yourself to some new streaming TV toys. Instead of paying full price, take advantage of this special event to make your money stretch a little further.

Here Are some Walmart Deals to get you Primed for This Year's Walmart Special Savings Event

The Walmart Blockbuster Sales event starts on June 20 and will last until June 23, which is a day longer than Amazon Prime Day. 

 To get you started, here are some deals and clearance sales you can take advantage of right now! 

Instead of only relying only on Amazon for special savings on Prime Day. Smart shoppers can also Visit Walmart online and find even more great deals.