Hidden Roku Channels - How to Find and Add Them

Hidden Roku Channels - How to Find and Add Them to Roku

Hidden Roku Channels

Hidden Roku Channels What Are They?

Hidden Roku Channels are channels which are not listed in the public Roku Channel Store. They often call these channels Private Roku Channels. Or another name used by Roku for these type of channels is "Non-Certified Roku Channels."  

Unpublished and hidden Roku channels exist for several reasons.

  1. The channel is still a beta channel and is not ready yet to be included publically. 
  2. If a channel contains copyright content, it's quickly removed. Sometimes developers try to fly under the radar with private hidden channels to make them last longer. But if the channel becomes popular, these will not last for long before Roku takes them down.
  3. Roku forbids channels that contain adult XXX content, or nudity listed in their public store. So they must remain private and hidden.
  4. A channel developer may only share some hidden Roku channels with a small groups of individuals.
  5. Then there are those hidden channels which also have a corresponding public channel. The developer may simply publish a duplicate channel and make it public. Often private channels are accessible from other countries where the Public Roku channel store may not be accessible.

How To Find Hidden Roku Channels

Roku does not publish a list of hidden private channels and codes. Finding these channels is not always easy. But we published a list of 1900+ Private Roku codes to help find great additional content for your Roku.

Some times publishers will mention their hidden channels in Roku forums or groups like this awesome Roku Rocks group on Facebook. And as we find or hear about new hidden channels, we'll add them to our list.

How To Add Hidden Roku Channels

We add hidden and adult Roku channels from codes or URL links. There are a few additional steps, like acknowledging a disclaimer that these are non-certified channels. Click here for full step-by-step instructions on adding these channels to your Roku.

More About Adult Roku Channels

Just because Adult channels are private and not in the public store, this does not mean that they don't rival some of the more well known public Roku channels. They built some adult channels to the same high quality standard and they contain as much content that's available on Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and others.

Many adult channels have been available to watch on Roku since the beginning.

Other Sources For Finding Hidden Roku Channels

When hunting for private channels it's a lot like looking for gold nuggets in a riverbed. Finding those hidden nuggets is not always easy, and pri ate channels often come and go. But eventually, if you keep searching you will find those valuable nuggets.

Sometimes the search for great channels can be almost as much fun as watching newly discovered Roku channels themselves.