Best Free TV Channels and Apps

These are some of the best TV Channels and Apps for watching Free TV

With the cost of popular streaming channels creeping ever higher, cord-cutters are turning to free TV channels and apps more and more. These are all popular channels which in some ways rival some paid apps in the amount of great content they offer. 

While these channels are all ad supported, your credit card won't see additional charges every month. 

Tubi TV - Is owned by Fox and they have an extensive library featuring 20,000+ TV shows and Movies. Like Netflix and several others, Tubi also uses their own algorithms to point out shows you may like based on your past viewing habits.

Crackle - Also an extensive library of TV shows and films. Crackle goes a little overboard with the ads, and when they don't have a lot of ads inventory, it's very possible to watch the same ads over and over. This channel may buffer a little more than some others, so it really helps if you can plug it in via Ethernet instead of using Wi-Fi.

Pluto TV - If you enjoy watching live TV but don't like the high price that goes along with this, give Pluto TV a try. They are now owned by CBS/Viacom and this channel has a real nice cable TV like grid guide which makes it easy to choose from the many individual channels that are all included.

XUMO - Features both live and on-demand content. They claim to have over 800,000 movies on their channel. Best of all, like the rest on this list there is never a monthly fee when watching XUMO TV.

IMDb TV - Was bought by Amazon and they also offer some great free content to stream. With apps for Fire TV or watch it from any other media streamer with the Prime video app. You don't need to join or sign-up to watch free content. But members get certain perks which you would miss out on without signing up first.

NewsOn - This is another great local news channel with local news affiliate stations around the country. They currently offer 275 TV stations in 160 markets. Chances are pretty good you will find a local news channel to stream, close to where you live with NewsOn.

The Roku Channel - This is a free streaming offered by Roku. And you can watch it from many devices, or online with a Web browser. Owning a Roku is optional to watch this free channel.

YouTube - This app has a ton of free content including full-length movies. Plus, it's easy to download full movies for offline viewing in remote locations without Internet access. For a list of 200 Full movies you can watch on YouTube - Click Here!

While this is just a short list of free TV channels, there are plenty more to be found. Below we listed some great resources to find more free Roku channels and Internet streaming channels.