How to Fix the Low Sound Volume on an Nvidia SHIELD

Here's How To Fix Low Sound Volume on the Nvidia SHIELD

Fix Low Sound Volume on an Nvidia SHIELD

If You're Experiencing Low Sound Volume, on an Nvidia SHIELD - Here's The Fix

Problem:SHIELD Low Volume Amplification

After a recent software update on our Nvidia SHIELD, whenever using apps like Disney+ and several others, the volume was so low, that the TV volume would need to be maxed out just to achieve a barely normal listening volume.

Then if we forgot to lower the volume before switching inputs to another media streamer, the sound was so loud it would blast us off the couch.

After trying several recommended fixes we found something that made it work perfectly. Now the sound level is the same no matter if we switch between our Roku, Apple TV, or Nvidia SHIELD.

Solution: Change These Settings on Your SHIELD to fix the Low Volume Sound Issue

Go to the settings menu on your SHIELD, then navigate to Settings/Device Preferences Display&Sound settings.
Under Sound verify that the little slide switches next to both IR and HDMI fixed volume are switched on. 

On our SHIELD they were both turned off. They both should be slid to the right and the color will change from light gray to blue. Blue means the switch is on and active.

When you change the HDMI fixed volume setting, you also need to choose between either IR or CEC. Try IR first, and if you have a soundbar attached, it may have the soundbar name listed. If IR enabled does not work, then turn it off and choose CEC.

This made a huge difference in the volume in the Disney+ app. Now the sound plays at a normal level and we don't even need to touch the TV remote volume buttons when switching between TV inputs.

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