Netflix Now Let's You Delete Shows From Continue Watching

Netflix Now Let's You Delete Shows From Continue Watching List

 Delete Shows From Netflix Continue Watching

In the past it was impossible to remove shows from the Continue Watching List on Netflix. This has now been fixed!

How many times have you wished you could remove shows from the Netflix Continue watching list? Often enough that Netflix has added a new feature to their platform which now allows users to remove them.

Those constant reminders of TV shows or movies gone bad. Which left a lingering bad impression, will no longer be there to haunt your Continue Watching List.

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How to Delete Shows From the Netflix Continue Watching List

In the past the only way to remove a dud TV show or movie was Fast Forward (FF) to the end so it automatically would be removed. Now it's all about to change, because Netflix added the feature to remove these titles from your Continue Watching list.

But only Android users for now can use this feature. iOS users are still stuck using the FF method for now.

On your Android, iOS devices or PC

1. Go in the Netflix app or from a Web Browser go to your Netflix Profile and in the More menu tap Account or choose Account.

Otherwise if not on your profile, you can easily switch profiles by using the More menu.

2. In More menu tap Account and it will open in a new window on your Web Browser.

Scroll down to Viewing Activity – and tap on it.

3. This brings up a list of shows in the order watched, click on the X to delete it from your list. (As shown circled in red)

remove Netflix Continue Watching items

You’ll see a circle with a line through it next to each title. Tap the ones you no longer want to show up.

4. If you don’t want a show to appear in the Continue Watching list, clicking on the circle lets you permanently remove the series from the list.

Take control of your TV watching experience by removing no long wanted content history. You can also use this feature to spy on other profiles on your account.

You can also use this to easily keep tabs on what your kids are watching. Or see if any unrecognized content is being watched on your profile. This could indicate your Netflix password may have been hacked. And it would would be time to change your Netflix password.