Netflix HD Fix APK for Android Download

Netflix 4K HD Fix APK for Android Download

Use this Netflix HD Fix app to work on non certified Android devices. To play movies and shows in HD quality!

Netflix will work on non certified Android devices but it will only play in SD quality. Unless you use this modified version which will then allow HD content to be played.

Always Check Downloaded APKs for Malware

The modified file is available from Github and it has been scanned and tested to be virus free.

Be careful when downloading apps, because another file we downloaded and tried from another source contained a virus.

Many times popular Android Apps will be modified with a virus and then tried to be passed off as legitimate apps. Only to infect many Android phones, tablets and media streamers.

Once installed, infected apps are used to steal personal information like passwords, back account or credit card numbers.

Other times they will blast your device with unwanted ads. This is a source of revenue for the malware app creator.

Be safe and always scan any downloaded apk files with VirusTotal an online Android scan tool which is free.

Once you download an apk, just upload it and their online scan tool does the rest. It will give you a report to make sure the app is 100% virus and malware free before you use it.

Download Modified Netflix App

Here is the Github source for the patched Netflix HD apk download file. Any current or newer versions can also be found here. Use this apk to watch Netflix in HD on non-certified Android devices.

Direct Download Link

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