Best Ways to Get Broadcast Channels CBS ABC NBC

Best Ways to Get Broadcast Channels CBS - ABC - NBC and more

Nothing beats Free TV and watching popular local broadcast channels is something that can be easily achieved for very little money.

free local broadcast tv channels

These are some ways you can watch your local broadcast channels without cable TV or satellite.

Simple Indoor Antenna

Placing an indoor antenna on your television is one of the least expensive ways to watch Free TV channels that are broadcast over the airwaves.

Your luck at receiving all the channels available will depend on several factors.
  1. Distance to Transmission Towers - the closer you are to the local affiliate transmission towers the smaller antenna you need. 
  2. Physical Barriers -  Hills, tall buildings and even trees can interfere with a television signal. Often the best way to overcome these is by placing an antenna higher outside or getting a larger antenna.
  3. Antenna Type - A small indoor antenna usually won't receive the same amount of channels as a larger outdoor or attic antenna unless you live pretty close to the towers and there are no barriers.  Most of the time choosing a large outdoor or attic antenna will pull in the strongest signal and the most channels.

Locast  - A streaming service which is only available in select markets may be your best if it's available where you live. 

At a minimum, it will cost $5 a month to turn off the nag screen for a donation. 

They have channels and apps available for Roku, Android and Apple TV.

YouTube TV - If the other two alternative won't work for receiving local broadcast channels, this may be your best alternative. But it's also the most expensive. 

But besides local channels you will receive many more live channels which rivals most cable packages for much less.

Watch 70+ live channels for $49.95/month.