Android TV Soon to Become Google TV

Android TV Soon to Become Google TV

Android TV to become Google TV

Google not content to leave anything the same for too long, will be rebranding their Android TV OS to Google TV with the release of their newest media streamer.

The new device, will replace Google's current Chromecast streamer. Which is a dongle that does not include a remote control for a device that more resembles a Nvidia SHIELD.

Google's new streamer will come with onboard storage, a faster processor, a real remote and will also bring a new name for its Android TV operating system.

This is not the first time that Google has used the Google TV name. This same name was used years ago when they had an Android TV device of their own called the Nexus Player. But this media streaming device was expensive and never really caught on. Plus with the lack of updates, it soon faded into obscurity.

Recapturing Lost Market Share

With market share of Google's Chromecast devices steadily declining over the last four years to Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV media streamers.

Google hopes to once again capture market share in the cord cutting community with the of a completely new Google TV Media player,

Instead of using the Chromecast brand, Google's newest media streaming device will feature their Nest brand, and contain the Google TV operating system. Goggle TV is nothing more than a rebranded version of Android TV.

What We Know About Google's Next Media Streamer

While Google's new media streamer may still look like a Chromcast dongle, it will be more like a Nvidia SHIELD inside. Running the Android TV operating system but renamed to Google TV.

While casting is still part of the Android OS, and this device will not lose that ability. It will offer so much more. With the ability to use popular Android apps like Cyberflix, Kodi and others it should have a much wider appeal competing with popular brands like Apple TV, Fire TV and Roku.

Google Assistant voice control is also be included, as the ability to interface with Google's Nest Smart Devices.

Unlike Chromecast media player dongles which relied on the phone as a remote. Their new media streamer may include a remote control in the box or offered as an optional accessory.

It May Act Like a Nvidia SHIELD But It Won't Beat It In Performance

While Google's media streamer may have SHEILD like functionality, don't expect Google's newest streaming device to compete with the SHIELD on performance.

The next version of Android TV will have lower power requirements. Which will be perfect for lower cost devices. Google's next media streamer is rumored to cost around the $80 price point which will be half the cost of a Nvidia SHIELD. And more in line with Fire TV and Roku device.

Google's Google TV Media Player Will Be Good For Android TV

With the launch of a new media player that will support Google TV, other devices that use the Android TV OS will also benefit from this. It means that Google is more committed than ever to this operating system. And as they continued to roll out enhancements and updates. Nvidia SHIELD users will also get the benefits to their devices as well.