Spectrum Offers Free Broadband For Corona Virus Students

Charter Spectrum Will Begin Offering Free Broadband For Corona Virus Students

Free Broadband for Corona Virus Students

It's nice to see that Charter Spectrum is doing their part to help both K12 and college students which have been affected by the Corona virus and must now be at home.

But there are several gotchas. And this means a large segment of their customer base won't be able to take advantage of this awesome promotional offer.

Here's How The Free Charter Spectrum Broadband Offer Works

On March 16, if you are a new Charter Spectrum Broadband subscriber, and you have a student living at home you can receive 2/months free service up to 100 Mbps. And they are even waiving the installation service fee. This is normally $49.99 and applies for both cable TV or broadband activation.

But here is the gotcha. In order to get the free 2 months, you first need to sign contract for 2/years. Promising to keep and pay for their broadband service during this time. Otherwise you are looking at an early termination penalty.

Only new Spectrum Broadband Subscribers Qualify

If you are a current Spectrum broadband subscriber this offer does not apply. Rather than helping all their customers, it's more like a sales promotion using the Corona Virus to get more people to subscribe.

One really nice thing about Spectrum broadband is currently there are no data caps. Many other providers like Comcast like to charge overage fees to increase profits on their broadband customers. But Comcast does gives you 2 months per year where you can exceed the 1 TB limit and not get charged a penalty.

It's not because Spectrum does not want data caps. Rather, this was forced on them through an agreement that was made between Spectrum and the FCC. This allowed them to proceed with the Time Warner merger. But this deal is set to expire on May 18, 2022 and we will need to wait and see what they do then.

With the amount of people dumping cable TV in favor of online streaming. Chances are pretty high that data caps may be imposed on Spectrum broadband customers after this time.

AT&T has also waived their data caps during the COVID-19 outbreak. So it will really pay to check with your Internet provider and see if they are offering a special discount of eliminating the data caps now, because of the Corona Virus.

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