5 Great Routers for Cord Cutters

These Are the Best Routers and Modems for Cord Cutters

Best Routers for Cord Cutters

Best WiFi Routers For Streaming

These are all popular Routers. But if you live in a larger multi story home, look at getting a Mesh Router or one that is expandable with access points.

Access points or extended Mesh pods can greatly extend the range of your WiFi signal. This helps it penetrate through walls and floors in your home. And it can even extend your WiFi outdoors or into another accessory dwelling unit (ADU).

1. TP-Link AC1750 Router - (Least expensive option yet works really well in smaller homes)

2. Google Nest Wifi AC2200 Mesh System Router - (Good Mesh System Some complain it slows down after a couple years)

3. eero Home Wi-Fi 2nd Generation System - (Easiest Set and Forget Router)

4. Netgear Orbi AC3000 - (Indoor and Outdoor capable Mesh System)

5. Ubiquiti Edge Router X with UniFi AP AC LITE Access Points - (Commercial Grade with a More Complicated Setup)

Three Signs Your Current Router May Be Slowing You Down

Most cord cutters, don't go to the trouble to string Ethernet wires all over their homes. Which is a shame really because this is hands down the most solid connection available for streaming. Wired vs Wireless WiFi can make a huge difference. Because with a wired system, you are getting the maximum speed your Router and Internet connection is capable of.

But with WiFi you are at the mercy of several limiting factors.

A. Barriers - Too many walls between your Router and your streaming devices and your speed and connection will suffer.

B. Distance - Do you notice constant buffering, or video streams taking a long time to load? Or even a poor television image quality? These are all signs that your WiFi connection is struggling. Some services like YouTube TV automatically reduce the picture quality when the WiFi signal is too weak.

C. Noisy WiFi Neighborhood - Too many neighbors all streaming together at the same time and your WiFi can also slow down to a crawl. Sometimes switching channels your WiFi is running on can help. But a better solution is a Dual or Triband Router which uses different radio frequencies. This gives you even more options to get onto a less populated frequency for better WiFi performance.

Many of these limitations can easily be overcome with a high quality Router or Mesh System. So if you are experiencing poor WiFi performance. A new Router with expanded access points or a Mesh system may be exactly what you need to bulk up your home network.

With the a good system it's not unrealistic to be able to access your home network several blocks away. Just be sure to use a hard to guess pass phrase, and lock your Router down. Or you undoubtedly will have many of your neighbors surfing off your Internet connection. And this will really slow things down. And also exceed your data cap.

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