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Android APKS List

Need to find the ultimate Android apk list for your Android media streamer or media player? Than look no further friends because we will show you where to find the biggest list of new updated apps without all the stupid pop up ads and other garbage!

Looking for the latest Android APKS can be a very frustrating experience sometimes. Especially if you can't find the modded or ad free apps you want on Aptiode or on the Google Playstore apk list.

But don't worry, because we came across a top secret hidden list of apps for Android that will blow your mind! This list is so awesome because it has both official releases of popular apps for watching TV, streaming live IPTV channels, games, Android utilities, media players and much more.

There are also many ad-free [AF] Android apks as well.

Best Way to Look for Android APKS

If you ever found websites that offer the latest version of your favorite APK, only to get frustrated because the download link is next to impossible to find. Then you will love this ultimate list of hidden Android APKs.

It is a directory listing of all the best apps for Android and there are virtually no ads, banners, popups or other nonsense. Simply browse through the list for the apk you want to download and click the app title to download it to your device.

Because this is list we found online, we can't verify the validity of each apk file that's uploaded. And especially if it has been modded. So it is a really good idea if you don't have a virus scanner installed on your Android device, to first scan the files you want to install for malware.

How to Scan APKs Online for Malware

VirusTotal Online APK Scanner

1. Visit this website: and click the Choose File button.

2. Select the apk file you downloaded and want to install on your Android device.

3. The Android apk file will be uploaded to the VirusTotal online malware scanner.

4. Once the file has been scanned and is safe to use and install it on your Android phone or media player.

Type of APKS That Are on This Android APK List

There are a ton of Android apps on this list. This list is huge and this is just a small sample of the many popular Android apps you will find listed. Plus new apks are uploaded to it almost every day. That's why this is really the Ultimate APK list!

Click the title at the top as shown in the image above to sort the list by app title, upload date or by file size.

  • Kodi4.4.2.apk
  • Happy Chick Game Emulator Android Tv Ver.apk
  • Cartoon Online Lite 1.2.3.apk
  • Downloader-v1.1.7.apk
  • Lots Sports 3.5 AdFree.apk
  • IPTV Loader-1.1.2P.apk
  • Pluto TV Fire Tv Stick 3.6.16.apk
  • CCleaner Pro v4.14.3.apk
  • SiriusXM v4.1.3.apk
  • Tvzion-47[4.0.Beta.15].apk

How To Access The Ultimate Android Apk List

Because this list is so cool, we simply cannot give away the link. Rather you will need to go through a few extra steps to access it. But when you find the list, you will see it was so worth the effort. And don't worry, you won't need to complete any surveys or other nonsense.

Just follow these steps to access the app list:

Step 1. Visit Team Android TV which is a great site with a ton of Android resources.
Step 2. Copy this password because you will need it in a bit. SweetStreamsAndroidApksList
Step 3. On the Team Android TV Site is a Photo of an Android Icon on a Phone that says Loading with 4 green dots.
Step 4. Click on the photo, not the description because the description will take you back to this page.
Step 5. On the Webpage that opens after clicking the photo, enter the password you saved in Step 2. This will give you the link to the Ultimate List of Android APKS.

Please Do Not Publicly Share The Link to This List! Because it could cause this site to soon go down and you will no longer have access to a ton of great Android APKS. And you will be back to sorting though a bunch of useless ads and other garbage, to find the latest modded Android apps.

Disclaimer: This APK list is not ours and we are simply sharing information that's available on the Internet. Please use apps on this list responsibly and don't use APKs that offer copyright content for free TV. For a great list of legal Android apps with Free TV content please click here and here.