XIRVIK Seedbox Roku Channel

XIRVIK Seedbox Roku Channel

Xirvik Seedbox Roku Channel

XIRVIK has a basic Roku channel that lets you play your own seedbox content using your Roku device. It works quite well.

Here is how the Roku channel developer describes it:

"This channel allows users to access their own media files that they store in a rented Xirvik server. Like Plex, it does not provide any content, i.e. all media is provided by the user itself.

This channel allows you to watch your own media in your Xirvik server. It does not have content by itself, and it is useless for non-xirvik users."

Video files must be encoded in a format that Roku supports. And this will work with both videos and also music files. And since There is NO content in the channel because it connects to your server and shows you only what is there it should not run into any copyright issues with Roku by hosting content on their servers.

Roku made the developer go through a stringent test process before approving their channel.

"Roku has a really rigorous channel validation process, it took us over a month to get our channel approved, they made us change lots of things before green lighting it. We provided Roku with a test server to which we added some videos, explained that those videos would only be visible to them and so on."

Why XIRVIK is Better Than Plex

With Plex you need to have a PC on and running the Plex server software. Since Xirvix uses their own servers to host your content, you can take your Roku anywhere and still access your content without needing to use a PC or leave one running all the time.

Content uploaded to their server must be in a format, that is compatible with Roku. It will not transcode content which is incompatible.

So if you have a large library of content that you would like to easily play on Roku, give their channel a try.


Cost for a Seedbox Server

To use this server you will need to pay for storage. Prices vary based on the amount of drive space required for your content. Their most inexpensive plan costs $9.95/month for 100GB.

While this won't be enough room for a 4K movie because 4K movies are around 100 gigabytes in size, depending on their length. Compare this to 1080p HD videos which are typically around 4 GB to 8 GB.

If you need to store and stream 4K content they offer larger plans up to 8TB but they cost considerably more money.

Check Xirvik Seedbox Server Plans.

Content Privacy

Since content stored on their servers are private, unless you share the address with your friends and family, the public would never be able to see what you store there and play on your Roku.

This is just another way to get some extra use from your Roku to play your own video content without needing to pay expensive channel development or hosting fees to build your own Roku channel.

Here is their tutorial for more information