Roku Smart Soundbar Cost $179 and Has a Roku Media Streamer Built-in

Roku Smart Soundbar Cost $179 and Has a Roku Media Streamer Built-in

Roku Smart Soundbar is Here

Not content to make only media streamers and Smart TVs, now Roku went a step further and combined their popular media streamer into a Roku Smart Soundbar.

A Roku Smart Soundbar makes it easy to get amazing sound from any flat panel TV.

Pretty much any flat screen TV available today, comes with tiny speakers that are incapable of producing full rich sound. And this is no fault of the TV makers as they are all clamoring to build thinner models that can hang as flat on a wall as possible.

Soundbars dynamically improve the sound from any flat screen television, and a Roku Smart Soundbar takes it up a notch further. Because now instead of having to have a Roku Media streamer dangling from your TV. The Roku Smart Soundbar has a Roku streamer hidden neatly inside the soundbar enclosure.

This will let you access to all the same thousands of channels on Roku including these Roku Channels That Rock! And also access a long list of Unpublished Private Roku Channels that can added as well.

Roku Smart Soundbar Specs

  • Roku Connect: A wireless protocol that seamlessly connects the Roku ecosystem
  • Dolby Audio™: Delivers rich, clear, powerful sound
  • Bluetooth®Listen to your favorite music, podcasts, and more from popular streaming channels or Bluetooth compatible devices
  • HDMI ARC or Optical Support: Connect the Roku Smart Soundbar to a TV with a single cable via HDMI ARC or use HDMI and Optical
  • Roku Search: Fast and easy cross-channel search offers results ranked by price
  • Roku Voice: Makes it easy to launch streaming channels, search for entertainment, replay, turn closed captions on and off and more through the Roku Voice Remote
  • Voice Assistant Compatibility:The Roku Smart Soundbar works with Google Assistant and is compatible with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices
  • Roku Voice remote: The point-anywhere remote features channel shortcut buttons and TV on/off buttons

Roku Smart Soundbar Subwoofer

Even though a soundbar can help dramatically improve sound quality. A subwoofer can make the sound explode off the screen. And the Roku Subwoofer works hand in hand with their Smart Soundbar.

It's wireless so plug so hooking it up easy and only requires a power outlet.

A subwoofer can be placed anywhere in a room. So it does not need to be placed near a TV, to sound great.

It can be hidden away out of sight behind a couch or under a bed and works great to enhance the sound from any TV.

Price and Availability

The Roku Smart Subwoofer, and their Smart Soundbar costs $179 retail each. They are now available for pre-order on and will begin shipping the middle of October.

Just in time for the holiday season. Best-Buy will also be selling the Roku Smart Soundbar and Subwoofer speakers as well.