NBC News Now Watch Daily News For Free!

NBC News Now has Launched Their News App For Free

NBC Recently joined other news organizations like CBS, PBS and, Fox and are offering a FREE streaming News service called NBC News Now.

This free app offers Free advertiser based daily news which for now will only be available Monday to Friday. And streamed from the Eastern Time Zone from 3pm to 11pm. NBC has plans to eventually make this channel offer Free news 24/7 and seven days a week.

NBC News Now!

NBC News Now streams the news from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET Monday - Friday @ NBCNews.com/now

This channel will offer live and unrestricted news on their website, apps and on Roku as part of the Roku Channel. Unrestricted means a cable TV provider login is not needed to watch their channel.

Watch NBC News Now with these apps for Free

On their NBC website, you can choose to watch the latest news stories from several different categories of News.
And they include:
  • Politics
  • U.S. News
  • Business
  • World
  • Tech & Media
  • Think
  • Sports

NBC News Apps

Download the NBC News Now App

NBC also has several apps and channels for popular media streamers and mobile devices. And they let you watch the same content on your favorite media streamers and handheld devices. Choose and Add an NBC News Now app for your device from the list below. And Watch it Free!

iPad, iPhone & Apple TV | Android & Fire TV | Roku & Roku TV

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