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LOCALBTV - Locast - SiMeTV Three Free Live Local and Network TV Channels on Roku

Free Local and Network TV Is Still The Holy Grail for Cord-Cutters

LocalBTV Live TV Channel

If you enjoy watching network TV shows, and local and world news for Free, add the LocalBTV Roku Channel.

LocalBTV Roku Channel

This is a local broadcast TV channel! (Major national network affiliates are not included) For Live Network Channels See: SiMeTV.

With local channel markets for Los Angeles, San Francisco and Phoenix areas. And residents can get full access to their local TV channels. LocalBTV is a live local broadcast streaming TV channel to watch this content right on your Roku TV or Roku media player.

LocalBTV Roku Channel is Free and now Includes 25+ Live Local TV Stations plus a Cloud DVR to Record your Shows!

Easy to Use and Cloud DVR Included

Using the Roku Channel, surf by using the left or right buttons on the Roku remote, and use the fast-scrolling guide to choose and record your TV favorite shows.

LocalBTV has 25 or more local channels, including local programming, comedies, family-friendly channels, classic TV and several stations in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean depending on what's available in your area.

Click here to sign-up for a free Account. And be sure to choose a ZIP Code for a city nearest to you below. Then Link your Account to your Device.

Even if you don't live there just enter the zip code for one of these cities and you can still watch Free local TV channels for now on your Roku. (Eventually, they may start charging a monthly fee.)

Zip Codes:

San Francisco Bay Area - 94110
Phoenix - 85010
Los Angelos - 90009

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If you don't live in one of these areas where LocalBTV is currently available, a VPN will let you still watch this channel from anywhere in the world. Simply set your Router DNS address to an IP located in one of these cities. These will be provided by your VPN provider. We like ExpressVPN because they have IP servers located in many countries all over the world and also in San Francisco and Los Angeles which will work fine with this channel on any device.

More Ways to Watch LocalBTV

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