10 Free iOS Movie Apps for iPhones and iPads

Here Are The Best Free Movie Apps for iPads and iPhones

Free iOS Movie Apps iPhones and iPads

Watch Free iOS Movies from These Top Apps and Channels

Even though most of us would rather stream from an Apple TV, Roku, Nvidia SHIELD, Android TV Box, or Fire TV. There are those times when it's nice to watch a movie using  iPads or iPhones.

Here are ten of the most popular apps for streaming Free movies and TV shows on iOS iPhones, iPads and iPod mobile devices.

1. Tubi TV


Tubi TV is an awesome app for watching tons of great iOS movies and TV shows. For iOS 9.3 and greater. 

With many popular titles from the major studios produced by MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount and  many others. It features some great special categories like "Not On Netflix" and "Highly Rated On Rotten Tomatoes." Best of all it's 100% free to use and the commercials unlike some other free apps are pretty minimal. Choose from over 40 great genres like Action,  Classics, Drama, Reality TV Shows, Comedy Relief, Horror and more. 

One thing we really like about the Tubi TV app is you can start watching an iOS movie, queue the video and then finish it up later on a Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV or Xbox and picking-up right where you left off.

2. Pluto TV

Watching Pluto TV is a lot like watching cable TV or satellite. It even comes with a very nice built in guide. On this iOS movie and Live TV app there are a ton of great individual channels which now also include 15 free Viacom Channels which now makes Pluto TV even more awesome. 

Pluto TV offers both a nice selection of Live TV channels and also on-demand channels which includes a ton of Free Movies and TV shows. 


Vudu is like Amazon Prime and they have a lot of newer movies and television content. And it is also a popular iOS movie app to use on iPads and iPhones.  Commercials are not too bad, and there are many genres to choose from. Watch over 100K titles on this app with many encoded in ultra clear HDX. Once the app is installed, you can rent recent TV shows and new movies as soon as they become available.  

Be sure to check out their Free section for a nice selection of ad-supported movies and shows to watch on your iOS device.

4. Popcornflix

Popcornflix iOS movie app when you want to choose and watch thousands of  free movies and TV shows. Choose from  Staff Picks to find some not often seen original content, or browse some popular catagories like Comedy, Westerns, Horror, and Drama.

Watch Popcornflix from your Apple iPad or iPhone devices, after downloading the app from the iTunes Store.

5. Snag Films

SnagFilms is another iOS app that works great on an iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Choose from over 6000 documentaries, TV shows or Free movies. Popular genres include Kids, Action, Adventure, Horror, Romance, plus many more.

Use SnagFilms to watch some great content without paying for a more expensive streaming TV service like Netflix, Hulu, and others.

6. Sony Crackle

Crackle is another free app for iOS that offers a lot of free movies, classic TV shows and other content. While this app does offer a lot of free content, it will also make you sit through many ads. And it will end up sucking up a lot of your time to watch a movie vs simply paying for a streaming service that has no ads at all. 

But if money is tight, then enjoy this iOS movie app for what it is. And be sure to leave lot's of extra time to enjoy the movie.

7. Prime Video

You may not know it but now you can add Amazon's Prime Video App to your iPad or iPhone and watch Free movies and TV shows without needing to pay for a Prime subscription. We still think it's a good idea to try a 30/day Free Trial to Prime to check out some of their excellent original TV series.

To access all the free ad-supported content on the Prime Video app, just scroll down to the Freedive category. You can also rent newer movies and TV shows also without a Prime subscription.

8. Rewinder

Rewinder is home to one of the largest library of public domain movies and TV shows. It is bustling at the seams with timeless classics from Hitchcock, Chaplin, The Three Stooges, and on and on. Also available on this app, are many B-movies and documentaries not often found anywhere else.

It works great on newer Apple iOS devices. If your device is older it may have some problems running this app.

9. Viewster

Viewster is home to tons of Anime and not often found original content. It's a great app for watching many great shows and also movies not found anywhere else. Sure there are ads, but for all the great content you get to watch free, especially the large selection of content found in the Anime category, there is no way you can go wrong by adding and watching content from Viewster.

10. VIKI Rakuten

Viki is The number one iOS app for watching Chinese, Indian, Korean,  and Japanese foreign films. It includes subtitles so you should easily be able to follow your favorite international actors on your mobile iOS devices. It also has a nice selection of classic shows, independent movies and TV shows along with a huge section of documentaries.

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