Roku Remote Batteries Tips and Tricks

Roku Remote Batteries Tips and Tricks

Roku Remote Batteries Tips and Tricks

Get more Life Out of Your Remote Batteries!

When your Roku Remote batteries run out of of juice, the cord cutting party pretty much comes to a screeching halt.

Here are some things you can do make your Roku remote batteries last longer, and keep your Roku happily playing great movies and TV shows.

Five Tips to Make Your Roku Remote Batteries Last Longer and Cost Less

1. Use only high quality Alkaline batteries. Not all batteries are created equally. Cheap general purpose batteries quickly run down and don't offer the same performance as Alkaline batteries. Unless you feel like changing batteries a lot, don't skimp and buy cheap batteries.

While Lithium Batteries will last the longest, many higher quality Alkaline can last almost as long for half the price.

Consumer Reports recently tested a dozen different batteries to see which provided the most energy. Duracell Quantum were one of the top brands they tested.

2. Only Use Fresh Batteries. When replacing the batteries in a Roku remote, always make sure to use fresh batteries from a new package. Grabbing a mismatch of old batteries that were rolling around a drawer for years may not be the best choice for a Roku Remote. And batteries just like Milk, both have a best used by date. Just look on the battery itself and the date will be pretty visible. Make sure the batteries used in a remote are still within this "Best if Used By" date for best results.

3. Limit the Use of Private Listening. One of the fastest way to drain the batteries in a Roku remote is to plug in a set of earbuds. The batteries are now being asked to provide power to the speakers which will quickly drain them of power. Your Phone and a Roku Remote App can also be used with Roku Private Listening and can easily be recharged. A great option if you don't have spare batteries laying around.

4. Use Rechargeable Batteries. Alkaline batteries are not cheap. And if you plan on using Private Listening a lot, it may be worthwhile to invest in some high capacity rechargeable batteries. A Roku Remote can take either Double A (AA) or Triple A (AAA) depending on the remote. Even though buying these top of batteries and a good charger can cost a few dollars more up front. Rechargeable batteries will save you a ton of money over the cost of constantly needing to buy more Alkaline batterie for your Roku remote.

5. Buy Batteries in Bulk. There's nothing worse than having a Roku remote run out of juice during a binge watching session of your favorite TV series on Netflix. Do yourself a favor and rather than buying the small packages, buy batteries in bulk. It costs much less in the long run to buy 24 AA batteries at a time than to buy a package of 4. This will ensure you always have extras on hand so the binging will never stop because of dead remote batteries.

If Your Roku Stops Responding

One of the first things to check if your Roku suddenly stops responding to any remote inputs is the batteries. Nine times out of ten, fresh new batteries will correct the problem. Before you toss your old batteries, make sure it's not a poor connection. Remove them for about 5 seconds and put them back. If the remote starts working again you are good to go. Otherwise, replace all the batteries in the Roku remote. And it's important that all the battery terminals align correctly. If the batteries are not in the correct position the remote will not work.

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