How to Optimize Your Network for Streaming

How to Optimize Your Network for TV Streaming

Synology-vs-Qnap NAS

Which network connection is best for TV streaming? 

WiFi communicates over radio waves and Ethernet communicates over wires. Ethernet is generally always much better than WiFi. This is because of interference and congestion in 802.11 WiFi bands. Distance from your Router can also be a big factor. Try and keep your media streamer and WiFi Router as close as possible.

If your media streamer comes with an Ethernet port, this will be your best bet for streaming TV content. 

A good Network connection can eliminate freezing and buffering where the video constantly stops and you have to wait for it to load. 

AC 5Ghz WiFi vs Wireless B,G,N 2.5Ghz

5Ghz  AC Wifi is superior to 2.4Ghz connectivity as there is much less interference in the 5Ghz Band. The downside is, 5Ghz does not have as long a range. 

A 2.4Ghz channel is the most prone to interference from common radiating components like microwave and baby monitors which can cause signal degradation in this Band. 

If you have an AC Router 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz connection which is the best?

If using Ethernet is not an option, your best bet would almost always be 5Ghz because of higher throughput and less interference. 

How do I check for the less congested channel?

Use a typical wifi analyzer app on your computer or phone to find out the cleanest channel with least amount of users in your neighborhood. The app will scan your local area to let you know which channel provides the strongest signal. Then move your router channel to that channel.

Here is one app you can use on an Android device.

By choosing a channel with less interference and congestion on your router, the better signal quality and streaming quality you will get.

Remember, if at all possible use Ethernet. It will give you the best streaming experience possible without any chance for interference.

Choose a media streamer that comes with an Ethernet port, not all models do.

When in doubt if your media streamer comes with an Ethernet port, try attaching it directly to your Router with an Ethernet cable. If the buffering stops, it means the problem is related to your WiFi vs something else like your Internet connection.

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