How to Find Android TV Apps Without Ads

Find Ad Free Versions of Android TV Apps

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Watching Free TV Apps on Android is Pretty Cool - Except for one Thing - Too Many Stupid Ads!

Browsing popular Android apps with out ads is a much nicer user experience.

All it takes is a little bit of extra work to find ad-free versions of popular apps.

The Android operating system is much more open for now. And it's easier to find ad-free versions of popular app that someone has removed the super annoying popup ads on.

These ad free Android apps are easy to find by searching for the app title and adding ad free. Using Google search engine works really well for finding these apps.

Another search term that works to find apps with all the ads removed for Android are mod ad free.

Finally one other search term to use, is the search term "app name" plus lite. This reference is to all the ads and other bloat removed. And this makes the app lite which uses less disk space and memory to run. The app runs very sweet with no interruptions from ads.

To recap use these search terms to find modded ad-free versions of your favorite Android apps:

  • [app title] + ad free
  • [app title] + mod ad free
  • [app title] + lite

Or use any combination of the search terms above.

Here is one final trick to finding the latest version of the app when using Google Search. 

Use the "Tools button" on the right after performing a search. Then in the sub-menu that comes up on the left, click Past 24 hours or Past week.

It will sort all the results by the newest first. And bring the latest app version to the top of the search results.

When you find an app in the search results download it and install the apk on your android device. 

Be Careful of Ad-Free Android Apps Sites

Some download sites are full of ads themselves and like to hide or obscure the download link to try and trick you to click on their ads.

Finally, before you install any ad free Android apps that have been modded. It's a good idea to scan them first to make sure nothing else was injected that could hurt your Android operating system or steal personal information.

Virus Total is an online virus scanning site that works great and is free. Simply visit their website then upload your downloaded modded lite ad-free app and they will scan it to make sure it is virus and malware free.


When you install an ad-free modded app, it requires any newer versions to manually updated.

Unlike a signed developer app, that can simply be updated from the app itself. 

Modded apps require the newest version to be first download. Then the old app must be deleted and new app installed again every time the app has an update.

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